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How Safe is my car

You think you've found the perfect car, It’s the right price, looks good and it’s the perfect size for what you need.  But there are three important factors you may not have considered

  • Are your car’s safety and design features likely to protect you and your passengers?
  • Is your car likely to harm other road users?
  • Does it have ESC and Curtain Airbags

So How safe is it? Buying a safe car is one of the most important purchases we make and choosing the right one can be difficult. Whether you plan to buy a new or used car, make safety a high priority and do your homework. Compare the car's safety features and star rating to other cars in the same class.

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 A car can be stylish as well as safe, and it doesn't have to be a luxury model. A new car is not necessarily safer than older models - many used cars rate well in terms of safety and are affordable too. Older cars, particularly those with the right safety features, can be just as safe as or even safer than some new cars.

How safe is my Van ?

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Winners are grinners Mercedes Benz C Class wins Carsguide 2014 Car Of The Year award

You would be hard pressed to find someone who doesn’t appreciate German engineering, streamline European design and leading-edge safety and technology. So it comes as no surprise that the Mercedes-Benz C Class won the Carsguide 2014 Car Of The Year award.

It wasn’t an easy feat, with the Ford Falcon XR8 hot on the trail for first place. The C Class faced some tough competitors such as the pocket rocket; Honda Jazz, the traditional family car; Toyota Corolla sedan and for the explorers; Nissan Pathfinder, just to mention a few.

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Auto Emergency Braking (AEB) is a vehicle safety technology has the potential to prevent a crash or reduce the impact speed of a crash.

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